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SHINee’s Interview on iweekly Singapore

What can we expect from the SHINee World concert Singapore?
Jonghyun (JH) : SHINee’s Pearl Aqua ocean!
Onew: I think the excitement level depends on the person, the important thing is that we get to spend joyous times with our fans.
Taemin: Our solo stages.
Key: SHINee’s comedic side.
Minho: The stage design and the entire performance.

Each member’s favourite segment is…
JH: The final song!
Onew: The solo stages, and the ever-changing stage, images etc.
Key: Solo stages!

At SHINee World Taiwan, Taemin specially came out as a blonde babe. Would Singaporean Shawols get to see that? Would there be other surprises?
JH: We’ll keep it a secret first, keep guessing!
Onew: Still unsure!

The concert title is “SHINee World”, what do you think is equivalent to having the world?
JH: The world!
Onew: All the time in the world. Enjoying every moment.
Taemin: Our music.
Key: Us, you, and the lovely stage.
Minho: We want to show the world what we can do!

In SHINee’s perfect world, what is the most important rule to achieve something?
JH: Respecting others is the most important.
Taemin: Always having a humble attitude, we can’t be complacent just because we are famous. We can’t slack and we have to continue working hard to improve.
Key: There isn’t any.

SHINee has been promoting a lot in Japan lately, and popularity has soared among the Japanese. What are your thoughts on the overseas market, especially Japan?
JH: It’s a really rare opportunity.
Onew: It’s really great, I hope to be able to visit every country.
Taemin: I will cherish it.
Minho: It’s a rare opportunity! I’m still trying to learn from it.

To celebrate the Japanese debut, your record label arranged for SHINee to hold an event at London’s Abbey (Road) Studios. How does it feel to be the first ever Asian artistes to perform there?
JH: We were really happy.
Onew: Seeing the walls graffiti-ed with the word “SHINee”, beside feeling shocked, we felt pleased.
Taemin: It’s an honour, it’s like a dream come true!
Key: We’re really touched, I hope that we would have such performance opportunities again.
Minho: It was brilliant, everything was a brand new experience. This event gave me a deep meaning.

To have a big fanbase in Europe, what do you think of the fans doing a flash mob to get you to perform in Europe?
JH: Really thankful, I hope we get a chance to visit again.
Onew: Really fascinating, I would want to take part in the flash mob too, if given the chance.
Taemin: It was surprising, but we can’t be satisfied just like that, we must work harder.
Key: Other than “thank you”, it’s still “thank you”.
Minho: Grateful and thankful. Hope to have more opportunities to perform in Europe.

As a global Hallyu star, why do you think K- Wave is so successful?
JH: To be able to promote my country, Korea, in this way, is really something to be proud of.
Minho: Beside spreading the SHINee culture to the rest of the world, I’m really happy to be able to spread the Korean culture.

Your Japanese debut song is “Replay”. If you could replay any moment of your life, what would it be?
Onew: Every moment, I can’t really answer which moment.
Taemin: Back to 12 years ago.
Key: None. I like it now.

”누난 너무 예뻐” is the Korean version of “Replay”. When you were singing it in Japanese again, did the memories from your debut days flash past your mind?
JH: A lot of interesting things happened when we first debutted.
Onew: I remembered when we still looked very young and fresh.
Key: There were memorable and fun times.
Minho: Very precious, I will never forget those good times.

Credit : translated by prettae | Forever_SHINee

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