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[Eng] SHINee’s Interview on iweekly Singapore Part 2

Minho, you have a sports background and you joined “Let’s Go! Dream Team” Did it evoke yourhidden competitive spirit?
Minho: No, I like to challenge myself, I get inspired through sports.

Jonghyun, at “Immortal Song 2”, your good vocals got recognition from several musicians and idol singers voted you as the winner. Do you think you were born with the good voice, or did you work hard for it?
JH: Both. But I don’t think I’m a really great singer. Haha.

Onew, as SHINee’s leader all the while, are there any bittersweet things you want to talk about? At an interview last year, the members picked Taemin as the “boss”. Has Taemin become the “leader” since then?
Onew: I can only say each member has done his duty and did his best. Hahaha!

Taemin, as the maknae, you were picked by your hyungs as the one who is most matured. Do you really think you are the most matured?
Taemin: Wow, I don’t exactly know

Key, you acted as a cute fanboy in the video at SNSD’sconcert. Since debut, the craziest fans you’ve met are……
Key: Some fans know me better than I know myself!

The thing/person that inspires the actions of SHINee’s fans the most is……
JH: Korea’s great singer, Wheesung.
Onew: The arts and culture.
Key: Good food.

Previously on “Hello Baby”, you became dads. Did you change because of it, or what did you learnt from it?
JH: I became a kid again.
Onew: The child’s learning ability is strong, he absorbs (things we teach) like a sponge.
Taemin: A sense of responsibility.
Key: I relieve stress on the show.
Minho: The baby is very adorable, it would be great to love and take care of a baby brother like him.

If you could participate in any ‘live’ show and could do anything you want on the show, what would you do?
JH: I would send each member to the place he first went, and then film how he spends the day.
Key: I want to join an outdoor ‘live’ show.

translated by prettae
(may not be entirely accurate!)
via: JonghyunBiased

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