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[INFO] SHINee in Russia, Moscow! Activities details!

SHINee’ll come to Russia and will stay with us for a few days! Activities in which they will take part:

1. 2011/09/06 – There’ll be 3 flash mobs (will be shot by MBC).

2. 2011/09/06 – Cover Dance Festival’ll be held in the Concert Hall “Mir” (will be shot by both MBC and KBS).

3. 2011/09/07 – Shooting programs, reportages, meeting with the famous k-pop band SHINee and other interesting actions will be held in school Won Kwang (will be shot by both MBC and KBS).
1. On the 6th of September there will be three flash mobs in different places in Moscow:

09.00 – Vorob’evy gory;
12.00 – Old Arbat;
15.00 – Red Square.

We have been asked to dance SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong there. The third flashmob will be the most mass one. Anyone can participate in it, even people from other cities.
Details are here:

2. Cover Dance Festival ( will be held in the Concert Hall “Mir” ( in Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard 11, Building 2 (metro station Tsvetnoy Bulvar). The Hall will seat 923. It’ll begin at 19.00 and is scheduled till 23.00.


SHINee will be judges at the festival and will perform 3-4 songs.

3. If you want to act in MBC program, to take part in an entertaining show about K-POP music, to give an interview on KBS… you should come on the 7th of September 2011 at 11 am (till approximately 4 pm) to school Won Kwang (!
As you can see, there will be also a shooting about K-POP fans in Russia.


The entertaining show will perform Jeong Hendon (정형돈) – the famous Korean comedian! That day everyone’ll be able to take part in a quiz about K-POP, the winner will get a SUPER PRIZE! Also there will be a fanmeeting with the band SHINee!

All of us have been waiting for so long, but at last our dreams will come true!
Thanks to this group

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