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  1. Sounds so amazing! x’D
    And funny!- They remind me of me and my friends when we have sleepovers! Hehehhe~~
    Happy birthday Kim Kibum!
    You deserve the best,and nothing else. -Your so amazing, Please don’t ever forget it. I’ll never stop loving you, or what you do. I Can never get tired of you either… Your 20 now Almighty Key! x’3
    Even though it’s not your birthday until tomorrow here.. 😦
    I’m having a party for you on saturday!! Me and my friends are getting together at my house- And we’re having a SHINee night!! I’m even gunna buy a Chinese Lantern to set off JUST FOR YOU.
    And we’re making a video of us saying happy birthday to you! Maybe even putting it on youtube!! x’D
    Hehehe~~ Please don’t ever stop what you do Kim Kibum. Cause i love it, and no matter what anyone says~ I’m never gunna change my opinion of you. Or SHINee. ♥

    {Sorry for the fan-girling Shawols! x)}


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