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111007 Minho’s update on SHINee Japan Mobile Fansite

Hello everyone who is on the mobile site! I am Minho.
Recently we have just recorded HEY!HEY!HEY!.Because it’s Japan well known music program, members were a little nervous. But the MC’s were kind and we proceed with the recording happily, the recording were enjoyable ,and the atmosphere were good.
Though it’s the first time revealing Lucifer on the program, the outcome was good beyond my expectation, everyone must watch!
Though time is short, but during the stay in Japan we had a lot of stage performance’s experience, really proud. I feel that this experiences is helpful towards more event in the future. In the future, I will work extra extra hard, and show Fans a better side.
PS. I will put in more effort in learning Japanese.

via: minoutshine, shineetown, flames_indo
re-shared: ghina @ SHINeeAttack

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