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111018 SHINee Japan mobile site update on [THE FIRST] SHINee’s first Japanese album

Hello to everyone on the mobile site! Good afternoon we are SHINING SHINee! Nov 23 will be the release date of out First Japanese Album [THE FIRST] ! In the album, not only the track in the singles will be in, we also work hard in recording new Japanese track,everyone please look forward to it. Being able to release the album all thanks to everyone’s support. Everyone has been staying with us all the while and always letting us feel so relieve. In the future SHINee will work even harder, everyone please support us.

Photo Credit : Minhoutshine
Chinesetranslation : minhoney
Englishtranslation : Forever_SHINee


About shineeattackofc

(@SHINeeAttack on Twitter) 샤이니 Indonesia-based. Admins: [D], [G], [J], EHW, EHF, EHN. We support no matter what our 5 gorgeous boys; 온유, 종현, 키, 민호 and 태민 ♥

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  1. Fighting oppa!!

  2. SHINee daebaaakkkk!!! Love U ❤ Fighting!


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