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[NEWS] SHINee, DBSK, Shinhwa, SNSD and Sistar was mentioned in Boyfriend’s Interview

(interview cuts – parts are omitted)

– A group that you wanted to be there?
“There’s a role model since I was trainee, SHINee. I really adore path of their footstep.” (Minwoo)

“I really want to be like DBSK.” (Youngmin)

“I put Shinhwa as my role model for a long time.” (Donghyun)

– Soon, SNSD would come up and with their shake, right?
“Eumm… Those seonbae-deul would come and fired up the moment for sure.” (Minwoo)

– Who is your favorite member of SNSD?
“We (Boyfriend) like each (all) of the members. Hehe.” (Minwoo)

– Of the member of the group (SNSD, I think), who you think are the best?
“We are not really close. If there was a chance to get through to it, we really hope it is so approachable.” (Donghyun)

“No way to get close. Not even a phone number.” (Youngmin)

How is the relationship with Sistar members?
“Really good and we have a good supporter, Bora noona.” (Minwoo)

“Bora noona is really nice. They are all a good person, so it’s really nice being around them.” (Donghyun)

– Who is looking forward for the group (SISTAR)?
“They said to see us on the 1st list. We are really look straight for that.” (Donghyun)


A journalist, Lee Wooin »

Please take out with full credits!

Translated by: supernupa @B-NATION
Full credits to: supernupa @B-NATION
Via: Forever_SHINee

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