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[Translations] 111107 STEADY (Japan Magazine) featuring SHINee – Q&A (PART TWO)


Q1: What is the most memorable ‘REPLAY’ thing for the year 2011?
Onew: When I went to Spain, I went for a swim at the sea (after a long time). And then, at overseas schedules(activities), the memories of enjoying lots of delicious food.
Jonghyun: The most memorable is to be able to go London (Abbey Road Studio) to celebrate our Japan Debut. Furthermore, there are chances to learn about the different cultures whenever we go for overseas schedules(activities), always so exciting.
Key: The opening of a New Year! 1st January FIRST LIVE CONCERT in Seoul.
Minho: It’s SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo Dome! Next, I want a SHINee LIVE CONCERT!
Taemin: It is when we (SHINee) come to JAPAN for our Japan Debut.

Q2: Who is SHINee’s ideal JULIETTE?
Onew: Someone with various colours (in terms of personality and dreams)
Jonghyun: All our fans! (SHAWOLS!)
Key: Someone with a straight-forward personality
Minho: Someone who is mysterious
Taemin: Someone with a colourful personality.

Q3: What is the LUCIFER-like magical power which SHINee has?
Onew: The magical ability to change freely (accordingly to situation)
Jonghyun: The energy which SHINee present on stage as singers.
Key: The moment(s) when SHINee (5 of us) stand on stage.
Minho: The appearance of SHINee (5 of us) together, be it on stage or tb programmes.
Taemin: Our changing appearance in view of our music. And, the gap regarding our performance on stage in respect to our age appropriateness has become quite a topic.

Q4: What is your memories of Christmas?
Onew: Once, I had a Christmas party with my fellow classmates before debut. I was the MC of the party and I really enjoyed it!
Jonghyun: The memories of having a feast with my family members, it was an enjoyable time.
Key: The year of our debut, when I thought of “How shall we spend our christmas this year?”, we end up celebrated in Taiwan. We (SHINee) had a great time.
Minho: During the week of Christmas, the rehearsal for year end special tv programmes, that’s my memories of christmas.
Taemin: Once on Christmas, we was scolded because my friends and I were playing with firecrackers in campus.

Q5: What is the thing you have tried the hardest for, this year?
Onew: A hobby-like activity, Billiards!
Jonghyun: Oversea events.
Key: To go on diet.
Minho: I strived hard and achieved MVP on one of the Korea’s Sport Variety Show.
Taemin: The filming for LUCIFER (Japan version) music video.

Source: theTONGHYUN
Translation by NINGZzhi


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