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111111 GINZA Magazine SHINee English Translations!

Q. When do you feel the most blissed?

Key: Everyday

Onew: After work, before sleeping when i reach home

Minho: when I’m with family

Jonghyun: When i meet with people who has the same interests as me

Taemin: When I’m playing ‘Winning Eleven’ (some soccer game)

Q. During autumn/winter, what style do you like girls to be dressed in?

Taemin: The feeling of warmth! Like wearing a sweater, or a scarf! I like the soft fluffy feeling^^

Key: Instead to saying which style specifically, i think its best to wear something that fits your own personality

Onew: Instead of wearing a lot, i prefer something that looks refreshing and light, like a one-piece!

Taemin: I LOVE IT A LOT! I watched it yesterday too!

Onew: I’m sorry, you seem to be refering to the anime.. .=.=lll

Taemin: That’s right, i love One Piece a lot!

Q. What’s important about life for guys?

Jonghyun: Family! As expected, it’s family for guys!

Onew: If i were to exaggerate a little… the world?!

Taemin: To accomplish something

Key: Not wasting time

Minho: To take on responsibility and work hard!

Q. When do you feel great about being a SHINee member?

Taemin: When my members help to find my things.

Key: Taemin always loses stuff.

Taemin: During airport’s luggage check, I just left my jacket, bags there and walked off. These tend to happen to me. And usually, instead of myself realising, someone else notices and collects it for me (laughs).

Q. An favourite item you purchased lately?

Jonghyun: Key’s birthday present. I purposely picked something he wouldnt use!

Key: The shiny silver bag that looks like aluminium foil!!!

Jonghyun: Because it’s simply too embarassing, I wont walk beside him when he carries it (laughs)




SHINee’s Interests

Jonghyun: Watching movies, Chinese, Writing lyrics

Onew: Listening to music, Watching movies, Writing poems, Piano

Key: Ice-skating, Rap, Dance, Japanese, English

*Random Questions:

The one thing Jonghyun cant live without is Freedom.

The first thing Jonghyun does when he wakes up is check his schedule.

The first thing Key does when he reaches home is to pack his luggage.

The first Onew does when he wakes up is to drink water.

Source: Weibo
Credit: Blingforeva @ baidu
Find source: SHINeeAttack
Translation: blingdinosaur @ tumblr

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