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[TRANS] 111218 Taemin High Kick cut

English Translation;;

OMG! Lee Taemin broke up with his gf? Daebak!!
K:Did u beak up with ur gf?
K: so ur head is clean now?
TM: I feel better.
K: I’m cool too. what do u think about me?
TM: ur pretty.
K: really? then do u want to date me?
K: u don’t have to if u don’t want, decide in 3mins.
Taemin: Ok
K: then start from when? now?
Taemin: im..

TM:I was a bit surprise when u text me.
K: in a good way or bad way?
TM: ofc good way. I already knew what u want from the first msg.
K: wow. u have sharp thoughts..
TM: what should I put ur name on my phone as?
Baby, Princess, sweet heart, wife?
K: I like wife.
Then, i’ll keep u as husband.
TM: call
K: since we’re official couple now. what should we do?
K: have u eaten yet?
TM: yea~ u?
K: yea~
TM: I’ve to go to school now but I want to play with u.
K: me to~~
TM: what’s u doing?
K: TV, u?
TM: I’m studying after dinner but I’m getting bored..
I’m going to think about u .
but what r u watchin on tv?
… : That’s so noisy, be quiet u idiot.
K: Shut up Idiot!
but how can he sends messages nonstop..
TM: r u ignoring my msg?
I’m going crazy now..
….: Ah. really..
K: Ok!! I’m going up now!
TM: I’m searching about f(x) on internet. Daebak!
but ofc ur prettier.
~dream aboutme~
really sleep?
K: what? I was about to fall asleep..
TM: yah! why do u come here now?
K: what? I’m late for only an hour..
R u that style who nag a lot?
TM: what? r u that style who doesn’t care about time?
K: U didn’t know? I’m always like this.
TM: what do u want to do?
K: whatever.. like watching movie
TM: Movie? what movie?
K: I don’t know! u have to think about them as a man.
TM: u can watch movies at home and..
msg: Taemin, I’m Ju Hee. Can we meet again?
TM: let’s watch movie next time.
K: whatever.
K: I think we don’t match each other.
TM: yes, we don’t
K: let’s stop meeting.
TM: Ok, u can keep the couple ring.
K: OK.
K: I feel free now..

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