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[UFO] 111231 Jonghyun UFO Replies Translation

Fan: i am 161cm ! wants to become oppa’s ideal type do i have to grow taller?
Jonghyun: Just nice

Fan : oppa , i am younger than oppa by 6 year’s 0 months and 7 days, our age gap is quite big? hmm?
Jonghyun : kekekeke he kekekeke

Fan : will there be UFO reply? I am not asleep yet waiting
Jonghyun : of course will reply

Fan : This time round my position rise by 5! Isn’t that great!? Yes? Will agree right?
Jonghyun : good job ^^

Fan : heh heh after so long seeing you feels great oppa long time no see
Jonghyun : yes yes long time no see

Fan : Oppa let me sing properly and I am working hard! This time round seeing UFO make me enegergetic Jonghyun jjang
Jonghyun : Fighting
Fan : My dream is to become a singer cheer for me
Jonghyun : stay focus and work hard
Fan : I feel like changing my nickname now I can’t change because I want oppa to memories it .. Shining dubu how isit ?
Jonghyun : up to you
Fan : Friends birthday, I am thinking what to buy, what should I buy?
Jonghyun : SHINee’s CD. Ahh …album… not yet release
Fan : today is cool Jjong again? To oppa ageyo is what isit something that can be eaten? Huhu ageyo pls!
Jonghyun : wu yaw u yaw u ya (crow?) pigeon nice!? Oh delicious !!

(translation for English not 100% right sorry if there’s mistake ^^)
source: shazaki
chinese translation : tsconditional
english translation : forever_shinee

Fan: If you reply my UFO, you will grow taller!
Jonghyun: You are lying.. ㅋ

Fan: Sometimes I really wish to hug you like crazy~
Jjong: I feel that way for Roo (Puppy from his sis) too!

Fan: I wish to see you playing Bass, only this wish ㅠㅅㅠ ..
(-conti-) But u’re handsome when singing too ㅎㅅㅎ perfect. What are you still lack of? *Heart*
Jonghyun: To me, I still lack of CM!

Fan:Jjong Time~! If you fell asleep, I will secretly kiss u & ran awayㅋ
Jonghyun: GdNight. I’m sleeping now.

Fan: JH ah…sleep alr? ♡
JH: Slept alr
Fan: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋwhat! Can reply means haven’t sleep mah!
JH: ㅋ Jh ah

Via: NINGZzhi

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  1. ahaha
    Jjong masih berharap tambah tinggi, hihi


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