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[Translation] 120102 JongKey’s UFO replies

2012.01.01 03:55

[Fan] Don’t reply with symbols, reply heart

[Jonghyun] ㅋheart

2012.01.02 03:06

[Fan] Oppa let’s get married

[Jonghyun] Only want the body?

2012.01.02 02:59

[Fan] Oppa do you go crazy whenever you see my nick?

[Jonghyun] UFO won’t tell me your name… trap

2012.01.02 03:02

[Fan] Oppa ah love you

[Jonghyun] ㅎㅅㅎ

2012.01.02 02:57

[Fan] Oppa is mine! This is a fact that will never change

[Jonghyun] Oh ㅋ It’s that so

2012.01.01 21:31

[Fan] Bobo! Chu -3-

[Key] Hee hee


Credit: Eimanjjong

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