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{TRANS} The Sons of The Sun – Taemin’s Diary, Part 2


Taemin’s Diary from Son of The Sun – Part 2

The first thing that can make my heart flutters badly because of going to Barcelona is obviously ‘soccer’. That well-known Barcelona FC’s base is in Barcelona! I don’t know when it started exactly during my childhood, but I already liked soccer!

During elementary school days, to me, lunch time was not the time to have lunch. I used that time to play soccer with my friends, ran around here and there at the school’s confined soccer field. The time to play soccer was really the most awaited time for me everyday at school!

Instead, we had our lunch when the break time was about to end. I could eat it within 10 minutes, but it was only at the time when I was really hungry.

“If you want to be called a man, you have to be aware of this! hahaha”

Since I started my activities as a trainee, those times (playing soccer) naturally decreased. I didn’t feel bad actually when my times to practice singing & dancing were equally the same as the time I used to have for soccer, honestly, I just giggled and laughed by thinking about it.

What are those friends doing right now? I miss them!

When we walk around Barcelona’s most well-known Ramblas, it’s so full of soccer-related items. There are also cute kids wearing the team’s jersey carved with the player’s names and couples strolling around wearing hats of the team’s logo.

At Sports Bar (Watching FC Barcelona’s Match)

In front of Irish Sports Bar.
It’s already crowded of people, and there’s one empty table that stands out. (T/N: means that they’re going to take the table?)
Of course people who supported Barcelona there was dominant. I obviously would be the same as them, supporting Barcelona hard!

For your information, this match had to end by draw even it was continued with extra time. Too bad. If only Barcelona won, that monent could be spread out along Ramblas Street.. Like during World Cup when people gathered in our country’s city hall.

Ah, because of soccer t-shirt, there was a cool episode. (t/n: referred to ‘story’ i think)
I bought the player uniform and got excited. Manager hyung and I wore the jersey almost everyday when we went out.

The incident happened when we spent the day at night in Barcelona. It was when we were eating dinner together with the staffs at a small bar. There were 3 Spanish guys wandered to Manager hyung’s surrounding. I think they said that the t-shirt that manager hyung wore was cool when they took a glimpse at it. The manager got happy and suspiciously, those 3 guys exchanged few words then turned away.

Suddenly, Onew hyung said “Hyung, it’s a bit weird, which thing that’s gone?” Manager hyung checked his pocket and shouted “Huh? Heok! My cellphone isn’t here!”. Manager hyung then turned away to the guys, their expression didn’t seem to be their real attitude. “What are you doing to me?!” said the manager. Those guys were just like “Oh~ you’re great” and returned the cellphone.

Such great guys. We even have to be careful during the trip. Even though Barcelona have more nice people, of course! There are many of vague people around me and your boundary, so by knowing and being careful is the wisest thing!

So in conclusion, you have to be with native/local citizen as your guide when you visit Barcelona. There’s no way that the tourist’s sightseeing place is not pickpocket’s target.

Source/Translation: minhogoon@Livejournal, SFI
Credit: gynalifia @ SHINeeAttack

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