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[TRANS] ‘The Son of The Sun’ Book – Onew’s Diary, Part 1 (Page 129-131)

Similar yet Different, Slowly, Relax

Due to oversea promotions and schedules in recent few years, the amount of flights taken abroad has increased.
Wonder if people who loves travelling will let out a “Wah, so jealous” upon seeing my passport full of stamps.
To be honest, oversea performances and schedules isn’t as relaxing as it seems (T/N: I think he means sth like it’s hard to enjoy the scenery/unseen places etc cos their schedules are always so packed?).
Besides, in countries where people already know us, we are unable to casually walk beyond the hotel area so the chances of experiencing local cultures in different countries is very limited indeed.
Sometimes when people ask me what dishes I enjoyed the most abroad, my answer is “Room Service” and once someone even fell backwards upon hearing my answer.(T/N: Guess the person was “shocked”? LOL)
Perhaps the reason why I enjoyed this trip must be this reason; the ability to relax and enjoy the Spanish culture.
No matter which restaurant, I can still see many Spanish dishes I have never seen before.
Following “Spain Time”, always eating breakfast and dinner really late, entertainment past midnight, going to the market to buy fruits to make sandwiches etc, all these made a big impression on me.

Out of all these things, I happened to meet K’s friend, Jordy and his family. It’s a wonderful experience I will never forget for a very long time
Natalia and Jordy couple, who gave birth to 2 kids: 4 year old Geel and 2 year old Naury
Whenever they have spare time, they will stroll around the park in front of their house.
Strolling across the park in loose casual clothes, with fruits + sandwiches, the walk transforms into a picnic.
The kids play crazily bare-footed on the green grass. The area becomes bigger so worries also becomes bigger I guess. But weirdly dad & mom looked more relaxed and easy-going than in their crowded little home.
The time we spent together,
The brunch and mini-picnic we prepared together.
As though a Barcelona resident singing songs and playing peek-a-boo with Jordy and the kids
Enjoying daily-life casually at the park
Ah, how long has it been this relaxing
That picnic, 5 guys, happily running in the park

source: son of the sun (page 129-131)
english trans: vivz@ sp
Via: shineetown

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