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[TRANS] ‘The Son of The Sun’ Book – Key’s Diary, Part 1



Unsure of whatever reasons, I dislike new things
As compared to factory-manufactured products that are new, I prefer old ones
Old objects has its own special qualities
It encompasses all the memories it has lasted through time
Its unique characteristics and the stories it tells, mesmerizes me
Objects that are lifeless, feels as though they are empty, nothing
That is why human’s existence is so precious
Because humans have their own way of expressing ideas,
No matter who you are, you have your own individualistic characteristics
But among these things, I particularly love things that are personal
Those that are able to shout out that it is “Me” or “Key”
These is related to what I present (wear etc)

One of my childhood dream was to become an artist
And to become a singer, was a goal that I must achieve
I use a visualistic approach for my mind, body and soul,
for everyday life and everyday activities, just like breathing.
No, I do it subconsciously, because it has become a habit for me
Whenever I am free now, I will sketch on paper
So when I saw graffiti for the first time, I took a long time to admire it
Things that are not framed have a “real” sense to it’s appearances and expressions
because I am able to have an miraculous connection with the artist
Are they same as us, humans? They have deep thoughts that gush out from them
Their art is a result of “spraying” out their inner urges to express visually.


People in Barcelona are not stingy in expressing themselves
There are a lot of people gathering in front of their Art galleries
People of all types visit the beach to sun tan.
And there are some who dance spontaneously when the music is played
This city is just like a playground for them
What captured my attention the most was the unnoticeable
Shops that sell things that are uniquely designed.
These indie shops are not easily found on the roads.
Before entering, you are unable to predict what it inside the shop
The handicrafts inside exudes a sense of individuality
The objects and the owners have amazing stark resemblance (personality wise)
The owner feels like the ruler of the world inside
They are similar to objects that are special
Some products are handmade, while some are purchased elsewhere by handpicking them individually
Hence you can only find these one-of-a-kind handicrafts there
These works proudly exhibit their uniqueness
Accessories that cost 1 Euro, Spectacle frames, masks
and even bags that are made out of coffeee bean bags
I can’t help to stop and look after taking a few steps,
There are so many things that captures my attention!

Source: soompi
Translation Credit: Kor – Chi: 肉包, Chi – Eng: soundtracklove@soompi
Credit: Julia.~ @ SHINee Forums
Source Finder: gynalifia @ SHINeeAttack

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