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[AUDIO/ENGSUB] 111202 SSTP call to Kyu-line (Changmin, Kyuhun, Minho)


The transcript (Only Minho):
Minho’s part start from 3:35
Minho : Hello everybody! I am SHINee’s Minho~!
Guest : Charisma Minho-ssi? You are good at sports!
Shindong : Minho-ssi, this is Shim Shim Tampa. Long time no see. Please do a greeting for everyone!
Minho : Hello SSTP listeners! It has been quite some time since I’ve greeted everyone here. I am SHINee’s flaming charisma Minho
Shindong : Minho-ssi used to be part of the permanent host in SSTP
Minho : Right, I used to be part of the SSTP family
Shindong : Ah, wait, not “used to”, once you are a part of the family, you stay as our family
Minho : Ah right, we are family!
Shindong : So Minho-ssi is Kyu-line’s maknae right?
Minho : Yes, I am currently the maknae
Shindong : But we have to prove his identity..
Minho : Do I have to (sing too)?
Shindong/ Guest : Yes.. “Noona Neomu Yeppeo”!
Minho : ahh.. ahh.. if you all want to hear it
Shindong : 5,6,7,8…
Minho : “Noona Neomu Yeppeo~~~”

Shindong called to Kyuhun and he asked the present members of Kyu-line to pick up the call – Changmin and Minho. Apparently, they were drinking and Changmin was quite drunk but managed to sing beautifully without flaw to prove his identity – as requested by the radio guests. Minho on the other hand, was not really drunk yet so he managed to sing the line “Noona neomu yeppeo” beautifully to prove his identity.

Credit : and 雪’角落旳傷 // Translation by ; soundtracklove @ soompi

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