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A letter Onew & Jonghyun wrote to each other when they have just debuted

Jonghyun :

Your vocal, just like heaven , just because of that,

you became the first member to be in SHINee, and the first to

be notice as the highest member, your piano play while you sing,

from the beginning you show the ‘king style’ during interview

answering the question as fast.

With Key coordinating with each other well, this let me feel

a little jealous, feeling that i’m left out, although i am a leader

saying about what is lacking in each other , you seems to have

alot of disagreement with me, this let me feel’s a little sad,

i am hyung, but i was said till i am like the dongsaeng , during

shows, answering question in a intelligent manner everything is perfect

comparing to me i’m a little slow leader , Noona pick you very quickly and

i’m always disqualified .. looking at how natural you’re dating with noona ,

suddenly i feel that in relationship i’m a slow dummy , i totally

don’t know how to get along with girls…

From the beginning i have always heard that you are more like a leader

i got the feeling that my leader position is not safe, but sometimes

i feel that you’re more mature. The first time winning an award,

, while giving the thank you speech i was choke by holding back my tears,

if it’s not you whom came taking over the lines, i will be crying out,

hugging you give’s me energy letting me know that i have such a good dongsaengs

. Every time saying about this person, everyone recommended me, and i accepted

, it’s not easy, and i will think of you because you can imitate too

i think as a leader I’m really not fit to be one; Radio DJ I’ve always lose to you,

i feel that I’m a little unbalance, why i am hyung, and i keep losing; Live singing

my voice will off sound or crack. sigh…. i guess i need to word hard to keep

my leader position!

In fact i know you won’t snatch the leader position with me because i am older than you HAHA

Back to serious stuff, I’m thankful to you for letting our group full of spirit,

letting SHINee more powerful , and letting SHINee moving to a bigger stage,

You the main singer, is forever SHINee’s irreplaceable Bling Bling Jonghyun!

hoping that in the future you will be more Bling Bling!

Onew hyung :

Fact is that our age gap is really small, lot of matter’s we have the same thinking

but i don’t like you saying this about yourself, you looking down on yourself

a little too overboard. I declare i have never want to snatch the leader position !

who doesn’t know u’re the best leader, without you how can we SHINee step on to a bigger stage,

and get the new comer award in such a short period ? you have not discover your good point’s yet,

your good point is what we can’t catch up.

Myself and key coordinating with each other well, letting you jealous~ haha,

Onew hyung is always saying some mushy words, Actually Key is really someone who can

speaks very well, sometimes i can’t even handle , but there must be someone to accompany him, or

not Key will be doing a solo show. Saying thankful words is also another reason, can’t be letting us

standing there and daze, and not say anything, or not we will be Criticize ! so for the sake

of everyone, took over your words and continue with the speech, in the end you ended the speech right!

actually during the competition shows, it’s just for fun, this time round you won,

don’t always look down on yourself alright! Play singing at the same time everyone was shock too,

i believe that slowly everyone will find this person is not easy! hidden talent!

when we’re free we must compete in piano skills ! and about the imitating skills problem erm..

there’s sometime i must show it, but it’s confirm that Onew hyung’s skill we’re sure that we can’t

imitate , i Admire that! It’s because i am nicer to ladies than you all well, so the

noona’s chose me, but i believe noona who have chose Onew hyung is a great noona, and also the blissful noona,

because Onew hyung is the gentlest guy, if everything doesn’t go well Show your Onew Condition, you’ll

never know that noona might love it!

among the leader the one with the most affinity is none other than you Onew hyung , always smiling get along well with the rest

I believe such a nice Onew hyung will be an outstanding leader and bring SHINee to become more Bling Bling !

Source; Shzaki

Onew’s Chinese translation :溫流篇翻譯:溫流家族
Jonghyun’s Chinese translation : 鈡鉉篇翻譯:NYH.牌

English translation : Forever_SHINee

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  1. fuuuu! is this seriously written by jjong and onhyung??? this is the sweetest thing ever damn it!


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