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[TWITTER/TRANS] 120322 Haha mentioned SHINee on his tweet



[TRANS] Went to a pre-recording for Mcountdown…. SHINee was recording..

I was surprised..!! about to die.. These kids… Can sing really well, dance really well and so do their style..
Taw hyung we should put on a bit thicker smoky eye!!
SHINee.. daebak!!

Translated by HaHaThFan on twitter

Via: Runningmancast

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(@SHINeeAttack on Twitter) 샤이니 Indonesia-based. Admins: [D], [G], [J], EHW, EHF, EHN. We support no matter what our 5 gorgeous boys; 온유, 종현, 키, 민호 and 태민 ♥

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