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[Me2day] 120405 SHINee Me2day conversation – Taemin (FULL)

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Source : me2day // shared by : @vanypinkk // Kor-chi : // chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi

*slightly edited for grammar and spelling mistakes, and missing words*

** For those who are confused by the many speech bubbles – SHINee’s replies (Taemin in this case) are contained in the yellow speech bubbles. While the lucky fans replies are in the white ones. It may seem a little confusing/ the conversation does not flow smoothly because the fans are typing really fast one after another and/or Taemin is typing slowly with the macbook.

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(@SHINeeAttack on Twitter) 샤이니 Indonesia-based. Admins: [D], [G], [J], EHW, EHF, EHN. We support no matter what our 5 gorgeous boys; 온유, 종현, 키, 민호 and 태민 ♥

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  1. it’s days like this I wish I knew Korean instead of English… If only they had a Japan-Guide account, I was so looking forward to possibly talking to Taemin&the SHINee guys.


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