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[Article] SHINee Naver Music Recommendation


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S/N : Could only find Ontaekey’s translated portions – 
AND I don’t think the entire portion has been translated

Taemin : “Se7en  – 꽃을 들고서 (With Flowers)”

Kpop wave leaders SHINee mentioned about their 4th (mini) album, their popularity around the world as well as their upcoming Japanese Arena tour, musical and drama schedules in “The song that comes to mind when spring has arrived” report. Amongst it, Taemin recommended SE7EN’s Debut album in his interview.

SE7EN’s Debut album was released in March 2003. It’s not exactly accurate to call it a Pop music (S/N : Pop as in popular) but it is  rather similar to Popular RnB music. (Taemin says) “There is a song called “With Flowers” in SE7EN Sunbaenim’s debut album which I regularly listen to since young. It is a song about confessing to the girl you like, the aura of the song is really upbeat and clear. “With Flowers” really suits the Spring season. It will brighten everyone’s hearts. This song also reminds us of the blooming flowers in Spring. (Whenever) I listen to this song, I will feel/ can imagine that there is a Spring scenary (before me). Just like recently, this song is really fitting for flowers gazing/appreciation underneath the azure blue skies. In the future, if (I would to) have a girlfriend or someone I like, I would want to dedicate this as my confession song.”

Source : Naver Music // Kor-Chi : UNIQUE TAEM ( // Chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi


KEY : “Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek”

Key : ” It is a song without any music accompaniment; without any instruments. From the start to the end, (the song) is composed solely using the singer’s voice. To some people, this song may sound lifeless. However, after a busy day, this song is able to calm one’s soul down. This song is also very appropriate recently; it suits the clear weather. Whenever the song is played in the car, it will spark an urge within us to drive out to play. Once, I recommended this song to the members “Why listen to this great song alone?” ; other members really like this song too”.

Source : Naver Music //  Kor-Chi : keybomi // Chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi


ONEW : “Ra.D – Mom”

“The people from the countries we used to craze over, now they show enthusiasm for us in turn. We see this and receive the strength to enjoy ourselves on stage. In feelings of such fulfillment and joyfulness, we can enjoy the stages anywhere as well as break down any barriers.”

“In winter, during end of the year, it’s always ever so busy. When the busy time has passed and you have come back to your senses, anyone can be missing their moms. When the severely cold winter is over and the spring comes, I miss my mother’s touch. Spring is the season of longing for your mom. Now is definitely spring. I always listen to the song ‘Mom’. I’ve memorized the lyrics and parts like ‘I couldn’t give anything for you from birth / You endeavored to give me more because you couldn’t’, get me in the heart. It’s a good song to listen to before going on stages. Whenever I calmly listen to it, I naturally ready myself for something.”

“SHINee is headed towards the top and seeing our performance ripen on stage, perhaps SHINee is in the season of fall. I hope our passion and the sweat we shed become the fertilizers in our activities and be able to greet the harvest season in happiness.”

Translation/Credits : onewthings (tumblr)


Jonghyun Album recommendation :
Park Ji Yoon Vol. 7 – Flower, 1st Again


Minho Album recommendation :
Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 2 – The Wind, The Sea, The Rain 

shared by: soundtracklove@soompi

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