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[NEWS] 120604 S.M., “S.M.ART Exhibition to be held in August in Seoul!”

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S.M. “S.M.ART Exhibition to be held in August in Seoul!”

Bringing together S.M’s high-end content and cutting edge technology, the inaugural “Contents IT Exhibition” will allow you to experience all there is about SM stars, with your 5 senses!

S.M Entertainment Company (“S.M.”) will be holding the Contents IT Exhibition “S.M.ART EXHIBITION”.

“S.M.ART Exhibition” will take place for 10 days from 10th August till 19th August in Seoul’s Coex Mall, located in Samseong-dong. It will be an exhibition showcasing content which marries S.M’s content high-end content as well as cutting edge technology; whilst displaying an IT experience. This global inaugural interactive exhibition will also showcase the content from SM’s collaboration with global entrepreneurs, and whilst cutting across generations and its various structures, it will touch and bring about unlimited enjoyment to its audience.

Especially noteworthy is that this exhibition includes a 3D hall, which simulates SM artistes appearing before one’s own eyes; holographic performances and an extravagant casting will enrich the contents of the exhibition. Through the “experience movie”, the 360-degree Matrix camera from the Matrix, as well as larger than life images, meeting stars and communicating with them will be an all-new technological experience from those of the past. This will allow fans from Korea and abroad, as well as visitors to Korea an extraordinary experience.

The exhibition, with “S.M.ART EXHIBITION WORLD TOUR” as its highlight, is slated for a global tour, and anticipates the support from fans of S.M’s artistes from all around the world.

Also, on the 20th of May, S.M. held its third brand-name “SMTOWN LIVE”, beginning its tour in America. On the 18th of August, the Seoul-leg of the tour will be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. The combined effect of the concert (held in the midst of the exhibition) and the exhibition is sure to attract the attention of many.

Source: SM Town Sina Blog
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