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[Twitter/Trans] 120626 Jonghyun’s Tweets Translation

trans: I lose my things often, but there are bad people like Minho who use that for bad things. (P/T: Minho: What do you think this is? kekekeke Jonghyung: Oh kehe. You were the one who stole my sunglasses, huh? I raised a tiger… Minho: kekekekeke Finders keepers, right? Jonghyun: You have too many unnecessary thoughts. You’re a diaper.)

trans: For example, he knows I’ll look for my wallet so he puts it in the fridge like this…

– Since I did a storm tweet, Bolaven should not come but do a moonwalk and go to an area where no one would get work… Everyone, if Laven comes, put newspaper on your windows. I’m ending with a tweet to public interest. (T/N: Bolaven is the giant typhoon that’s due to hit Korea soon. If you put newspaper on glass during a storm with heavy wind, the newspaper prevents the glass from breaking.)
– If I think about it, it’s just that I don’t really remember where I put my things. The twist of the story is Koowoonmong level. (T/N: The Korean novel Koowoonmong is known for its twists, where the dream was shown to be reality and reality was shown to be a dream.)
– Minho said finders keepers. I found Minho’s room without its owner in the dorms. Minho’s room is mine.
– Mm… I see it’s me who just forgets a lot…
– Or he knows I’ll put on a belt when I go out so he puts it on…

english translation: shiningtweets | screencaps: SHINeeAttack

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