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[TRANS] SHINee’s interview in ELLE Girl December Issue

SHINee’s Tokyo Photo Diary

The popular boy group, SHINee made a comeback for this magazine. What will happen if we give them cameras…!?

It was a day in October. The 5 member boy group SHINee came to the studio in the city. SHINee are now graced with a manlier aura in comparison to the SHINee we met a year and half ago, when the group made their first appearance in ELLE Girl. It’s no wonder that their Japanese skill largely improved, as they’ve been traveling around Japan from spring to summer this year for their Japan Arena Tour. They are becoming widely known but are still the same friendly people.

“We’ve been back and forth between Japan and Korea countless times and I’ve also had my favorite ramen just as many times!” (Taemin)

“A Japanese friend who is living in Korea has been teaching me the Japanese language. Somehow I just can’t get myself to remember the honorific words! (laugh)” (Jonghyun)

The concept for the photoshoot this time is ‘Tokyo Photo Diary’. Each of the members received a camera, then were instructed to take pictures of each other. Just like how we’ve been aware of their closeness, they began getting excited to take each others’ pictures. Minho, who had just finished his drama shooting, especially expressed, “It’s been a long time since I met the members!” He was so cheerful that it left quite an impression♪. Speaking of photos, Key is most likely to be the best at displaying great sense no matter what is given to him, yet…

“Recently my mother gave me a handy-cam as my birthday present. So now I’m actually more into taking videos than pictures. I’ve been recording most of the time, enough for [the footage] to be called a SHINee documentary. Since too much [footage] of our candid selves are recorded, it has become a treasure that probably can no longer be allowed to displayed publicly. (laugh)” (Key)

They released a Japanese original single, ‘Dazzling Girl’, last month. To honor their single, we asked about what kind of girl they think is dazzling.

“The one who does her best in her work.” (Jonghyun)

“If I were talking to a girl and suddenly found that we have something in common, then I’d see her as dazzling. Her face would look different right away!” (Key)

“The one with an aura!” (Onew)

“A girl who would like me. Also, I might be attracted to perfume too.” (Minho)

“Am I the only one who thinks that girls who are about to get married somehow look really beautiful?” (Taemin)

Photos that they took are scheduled to be revealed to the public through the internet later so please look forward to it!

Source/Credit: ELLE Girl
Translated by: red @

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